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Module 3

Module 3: Direct and Indirect Variable Costs

Module 7

Module 7: Breakeven Model

Module 10

Module 10: Cashflow

Sue Derwent
Copy Writer & Project Manager

"Wish I had known some of this when I started out! After being in business a number of years, it is only now, after using The Small Business Marketing Toolbox, that I have greater clarity and am able to take my business to the next level. The tools are thought provoking and extremely useful. I highly recommend it. It just has a finger on the pulse!"
Suzanne Matthews

"I'd never thought about a proper business strategy for my small beauty salon but when I saw how cheaply I could get expert guidance through your programme I decided nothing ventured nothing gained. What a difference. I'm not an academic but I could understand everything and now it just remains to put it all into action. "
Nel Botha

"I really needed help to manage my small business better. I may be a good hairdresser but I'm not as good a business woman as I'd like and your practical tools are really helping me. Thank you!"

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We provide access to some exclusive online e-books that can only be found in hard copy in reputable bookshops or on this Small Business Toolbox website. These provide trusted, in-depth material that has helped many small business owners to develop strategies to assist in the growth of their businesses, and they can help you too.

Currently available is ...

Ebook: The Marketing Manual
We love this book. It leads you through the principles of marketing one step at a time. If you need to increase your revenues and expand your customer base this is an essential read. And, because it’s so practical, you’ll be implementing an action plan by the end of the week!
AU$17.00 In your Shopping Cart

Ebook: How to Raise Finance for your Business
Every business needs to raise finance at some point. This guide provides you with all the options and gives you the pro’s and con’s of each. If you need funding this is a must. After all you want to raise funds, not end up in a debt trap you can’t get out of. Finance your business the right way. Buy this now and find out how.

Ebook: Killer Ads Every Time
Advertising can be expensive and ineffective, but not if you’ve read this. Make sure every ad you place achieves your objective and learn the inside tricks to cheaper more effective ads. Turn advertising into an investment in future profits by learning how to go about it the right way.

Ebook: Advertise the right way
Advertising is either an incredible investment in future sales, or a terrible expense in current cashflow. This e-book outlines very clearly how to ensure everything you spend on advertising is an investment and is a must read for anyone who is about to embark on an advertising campaign.